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Hunting Best Shots in Argentina
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Data :07 Agosto 2009
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Caccia - Doves: In Argentina they can be seen by millions, but only in some areas, depending on different causes among them the season. These animals fly constantly seeking for water and food, due to the changes in temperature, rain patterns and other causes. Doves are changing constantly their habitat, which is why where you can see millions today; there wont be any in a while. In the last seven years I have been hunting in hilly areas as well as in plains with temperatures going from 23 to 110 Fº. I witnessed with my camera the shooting of 8200 rounds and the killing of over 5000 doves by one hunter in one day as well as seeing others make 25 yards shots with amazing effectiveness.These, and being constantly in touch with 25 scouts in different lodges spreaded in diverse regions, are only some of the reasons that allow me to suggest you your best choice in dove hunting according to your expectations. [Altro] [Meno]
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