Passion hunting: latest news, photos, videos and hunting insights
Benelli Montefeltro in 12/76
Konus ABSOLUTE 5x-40 × 56 ZOOM. Long distance shooting specialist.
SWAROVSKI OPTIK ATC / STC. The new observation telescopes.
Sabatti, over 300 years of history in the name of technology and innovation
FALCO ARMS 2022. The R19 over-under and the Alpine F1 kipplauf
Fiocchi presents three new cartridges from SPORTING
Beretta launches 687 Silver Pigeon V
Benelli Black Eagle 3 in 28/76
New Swarovski Optik EL Range TA with Tracking Assistant in orange
Benelli Magnifico Set of Five
STEINER launches the new flexible Ranger 8. Accurate. Robust.
Drones in the wildlife field
Benelli 2022: the novelties exhibited at EOS di Veronafiere
Yildiz superimposed in 28/70: fun
On the ground with the Gryphon, the Hikmicro thermal viewer ..
DE.LA.RO® | The ultra-technological glasses for skeet shooting.
The Hikmicro proposal for thermal viewers
Comfort and safety according to Meindl
Cosmi presents the new bolt action rifle
Sabatti Sporting Pro: the specialist for the hunting route
RWS 6,5x57R cartridge with 9,1g DK bullet
Beretta launches the extreme evolution of the A400 XCEL Sporting shooting semiautomatic
Stoeger XM1 Bullpup in caliber 4,5 mm
Konus Flame thermal viewer # 7950
Fiocchi Exacta cartridge with 168 gr. Ball. Fun and rewarding.
Beretta SL2 “Launch Edition”. Victory in its essence ..
Sabatti Nuova Rover shooting
Franchi Varmint Black Synt in .308 Win.
Sabatti SKL 20 and Sight Mark Citadel hunting in the Bonicelli Estate





Bonicelli estate. Hunting for majestic ungulates in Piedmont ...

A magical day of hunting in Piedmont at Tenuta Bonicelli offers rare and uncommon emotions, here we have taken a mouflon with a gold medal trophy ... The "Tenuta Bonicelli" Hunting Reserve is located in the municipality of Ceresole d'Alba in the province of Cuneo; hunting company that covers an area of ​​one thousand hectares of hilly land. An exclusive environment, dedicated to hunters who love hunting in areas of rare beauty; where the hills of the Roero, majestic oaks ...

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Abruzzo and Montepulciano, a combination of excellence

The hills around Torano Nuovo, overlooking the Abruzzese Apennines The Abruzzo region is dominated by important reliefs (the Gran Sasso massif and the Majella) and vast hilly systems. The most suitable areas for wine production are the Pescara river valley, the plateau made up of the Peligna valley or basin, the Navelli plain also known as Inferno or Forno d'Abruzzo due to the high summer temperatures, and finally the hills of Teramo. ..

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SABATTI SKL 20. The extraordinary hunting Kipplauf !! 👏👏👏

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