Passion hunting: latest news, photos, videos and hunting insights
Hikmicro Thunder 2.0: Thermal optics for hunting and night observation
The Bergara Elite rifle: the definitive choice of professional shooters for extreme precision
Leica in Portugal: 50 years of history, passion and excellence
Benelli Lupo BE.ST Gray elevated II: bolt-action excellence with modern camouflage
Discover hunting with Vanguard: special offers for an unforgettable season!
From Famalicão to the World: 50 Years of Leica in Portugal
Sabatti New Rover: let's review it again
VANGUARD VEO ED 12×50 – The ideal binoculars for precise observation and hunting use
LIEMKE KEILER 25.1: The new frontier of thermal optics for night observation
FIOCCHI 308 Winchester: power, precision and respect for the environment
Chapuis ROLS® Carbon the inline movement of the French House
Night hunting test with the new GUIDE TA 450 clip-on: The power of night vision
The prestigious express trains are also at home at Chapuis
Chapuis Armes, a prestigious name in French archibugeria..
Sako launches the new Sako 90 series of rifles
Vanguard: scopes, mounts and hunting accessories at the right price
SATURDAY, the return of the .222 and .223 Remington..
Ziel 8×34 X Pro a light binoculars also in the price
The RWS .338 Lapua Mag cartridge.
Night Pearl: high-end thermal and night hunting thermals
EKA Butcher Set
Shothunt, earphones that improve and protect hearing
Simmons Optics 8-Point 6-18x50
Istanbul Mod. Monza hunting rifle in .308 Win by Paganini. Finally available in Italy..
Yukon Sightline N475S
Beretta A400 Upland in 28/76 calibre
Konus DIABLO 6x-24×50
Sabatti Nuova Rover cartridge tests
Blaser R 93 in .22-250 Rem.





Ungulate hunting in Tuscany: discover the offer of the AAV "Campo alla Pigna"

HUNTING IN TUSCANY | If you are an avid hunter looking for an amazing experience, look no further. Ungulate hunting reaches a new level of excitement at the AAV "Campo alla Pigna", located in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and sunsets over the sea that make every moment unforgettable. The thrill of pristine hunting. Enter the hunting universe like never before. The "Campo alla Pigna" hunting reserve offers a unique opportunity to live your passion in one...

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Franchi Food Academy, the game cooking course "Sustainable taste" on 17 November

Appointment in 16 days Franchi Food Academy has decided to organize a series of game cooking lessons which will start in just over two weeks. The course will take place on November 17, 2023 from 15.00 pm to 19.00 pm at the Sant'Uberto organic farm, Via Sant'Anna, 3 – 40050 Monterenzio (BO), and will be divided into a theoretical and a practical section. The chef will be Stefano...

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