Passion hunting: latest news, photos, videos and hunting insights
Chapuis Armes, a prestigious name in French archibugeria..
Sako launches the new Sako 90 series of rifles
Vanguard: scopes, mounts and hunting accessories at the right price
SATURDAY, the return of the .222 and .223 Remington..
Ziel 8×34 X Pro a light binoculars also in the price
The RWS .338 Lapua Mag cartridge.
Night Pearl: high-end thermal and night hunting thermals
EKA Butcher Set
Shothunt, earphones that improve and protect hearing
Simmons Optics 8-Point 6-18×50
Istanbul Mod. Monza hunting rifle in .308 Win by Paganini. Finally available in Italy..
Yukon Sightline N475S
Beretta A400 Upland in 28/76 calibre
Konus DIABLO 6x-24×50
Sabatti Nuova Rover cartridge tests
Blaser R 93 in .22-250 Rem.
Bergara B 14 in two versions in the .308 Win caliber. and Delta optics
Benelli Montefeltro in 12/76
Konus ABSOLUTE 5x-40 × 56 ZOOM. Long distance shooting specialist.
SWAROVSKI OPTIK ATC / STC. The new observation telescopes.
Sabatti, over 300 years of history in the name of technology and innovation
FALCO ARMS 2022. The R19 over-under and the Alpine F1 kipplauf
Fiocchi presents three new cartridges from SPORTING
Beretta launches 687 Silver Pigeon V
Benelli Black Eagle 3 in 28/76
New Swarovski Optik EL Range TA with Tracking Assistant in orange
Benelli Magnificent Set of Five
STEINER launches the new flexible Ranger 8. Accurate. Robust.


Chapuis Armes, a prestigious name in French archibugeria..

Between modernity and tradition, the Fabbrica d'Armi Chapuis has been able to combine, over the course of many decades, customer expectations, technical innovations of evolution and constant attention to finishes, the masterful touch that distinguishes its products and makes them appreciated by connoisseurs. In St. Bonnet le Château in the Loire district the Chapuis began their activity as embasculators and at the beginning of the XNUMXth century they then proceeded to…

Sako launches the new Sako 90 series of rifles

Sako, the leading Finnish company in the production of rifles and ammunition, has created a new family of refined bolt-action, high-level guns dedicated to the most demanding enthusiasts: the Sako 90 family. Enthusiasts can admire it at the Beretta stand at Caccia Village and try it at the rifled shooting lines set up (Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 May) at the Tav Umbria in Piancardato, Collazzone (Perugia). This advanced bolt-action has...


Beretta A400 Upland in 28/76 calibre

Thirteen years have passed, autumn 2009, since the presentation of the semi-auto Beretta A400, the hunting shotgun in which all 12-gauge cartridges can be used in the various lengths of the case and therefore in the wide variety of charges which usually range from 24 to 63 grams. We recall having initially harbored some skepticism about the yield of such a vast range of ammunition assuming that the chamber and the union...

Benelli Montefeltro in 12/76

The new lines of the castle give the Montefeltro a sign of distinction and functionality Visits to Benelli are enriched with new experiences: for some time now, and thanks to the company's more than active interest, the field of "City of Urbino" clay pigeon shooting. Located on one of the many surrounding hills, it enjoys an absolutely privileged position due to its distance from the nearest houses, offering...



When hunting tourism arrives in the Far North: Montefeltro and hunting with dogs in Lapland

There is no latitude that hunting passion cannot reach. There is no obstacle that he cannot overcome. And so the low temperatures, the wild landscapes, the rough paths and the need to adapt to the desire to live new travel experiences become nothing. 64° 4' N, 18° 24' E is the latitude up to which Montefeltro Tour Operator has gone, which this time moves away from the land bordering the Mediterranean and offers us experiences of...

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Overview of the best wine ecommerces Launched in 1999, is the first major e-commerce of spirits in Italy. It is a platform that offers a wide selection of wines from all over the world but also from small local wineries. You can choose from different categories of wines, such as reds, whites and sparkling wines. There is also a section dedicated to accessories, including goblets, tumblers and carafes. is characterized by a simple interface and...

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