Richard Camusso

Richard Camusso

Born in Turin, Riccardo Camusso lives and works in Monferrato, among his beloved roe deer. His photographs appear on the net, in the numerous photographic books published and in the main magazines. For some years he has been working full time in Digiscoping, practiced with Swarovski Optik telescopes and Nikon cameras. Camusso is defined as the father of Digiscoping not only for having won the title of Italian Champion several times, but above all because he is one of the first photographers who believed and firmly believes in this revolutionary technique that cancels great distances without sacrificing quality.

DIGISCOPING: where, how and when.

DIGISCOPING: where, how and when.

Digiscoping: After having appreciated the “philosophy” of this new photographic technique, let's examine the technical-emotional context in which digiscoping can say: “Let there be light!”. Texts and photos by Riccardo Camusso. Let's walk through our regulars ...





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