Protected Fauna

ITALIAN PROTECTED FAUNA: COLLECTION OF ALL PROTECTED SPECIES IN ITALY ACCORDING TO LAW 157/92, WHICH REGULATES ITALIAN VENATORY ACTIVITY AND THE SAFEGUARD OF WILDLIFE. THE ITALIAN PROTECTED FAUNA FINCH TRANSFER     FOLLOWING ARE FURTHER PROTECTED SPECIES IN ITALY ACCORDING TO LAW 157/92: Gray heron, Purple heron, Red-headed shrike, Little red-headed shrew, Black shrew, White wagtail, Yellow wagtail, Oystercatcher, Beccafico Calandrella, Calandro, Canapino, Cannareccione, Blackcap, Cappellaccia, Wild goat, Goldfinch, Ruddy shelduck, Curlew, Great tit , Bullfinch, Long-tailed tit, Black Redstart, Black Redstart, Black Redstart, Stock dove, Cormorant, Courier, Raven, Cruises, Cuckoo, Northern Wheatear, Wagtail Eider Linen, Little Tern, Alpine Finch, Frosone Common Gull, Herring Gull, Grouse, Egret, Egret , Bee-eater Siskin, Little Luì Kingfisher, Dipper, Collared Blackbird, Swamp, Tern, Tufted duck, Tufted duck, Ferruginous duck Night Heron White-fronted Goose, Sea Scoter, Sea Ogre, Organetto, Ortolano Pantana, Sweeper, Solitary Sparrow , Pigeon, Redshank, Robin, Nuthatch, Wild pigeon, Flycatcher, Piropiro, Pipit, Pris polone Quattrocchi King of quails, Oriole, Swallow, Sea Swallow or Common Tern, Saltimpalo Swift, Schiribilla, Schiribilla grigiata, Wren, Squacco heron, Goosander, Goosander, Sordone, Spioncello, Ibex, Sterpazzola, Stiaccino, Strillozzo, Strolaga , Nightjar, Gannet, Great Crested Grebe, Little Bittern, Little Mouse, Tordela, Oriental Collared Dove, Tottavilla, Little Grebe Hoopoe, Greenfinch Nightingale, Serin, Voltolino Yellowhammer, Blackhammer   WE REMEMBER THAT SOME OF THE SPECIES INCLUDED IN THE LIST OF PROTECTED FAUNA CAN BE HUNTED WITH THE DEROGATION REGIME.   * This list is not updated in real time, Caccia declines any responsibility for the non-observance of the legislation in force by the readers of the Portal.  

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