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Game Recipes: In this section of the site you can appreciate the tasty game recipes recommended by our staff. Friend Hunter, discover step by step how to make delicious recipes with your game.      Roe deer recipes Deer recipes Wild boar recipes  Hare recipes Duck RecipesPheasant recipes    Pigeon Recipes Partridge Recipes Quail recipes   Thrush and bird recipes  

wild boar fillet

How to cook venison

Game stands out as a fine meat, full of unique flavours. Appreciated for centuries, it is still today one of the most loved and sought after foods. Game includes a wide range of meats, including rabbit, pheasant, partridge, quail,...


All the secrets of marinating game

Roe deer, deer, hares and wild boars, but also pheasants and wild rabbits are very special animals because they require a very different treatment from the typical beef or pork that we cook every day. One of the fundamental steps to obtain tasty meat and ...

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