Hunting Dogs: Hunting Dogs, Stop Dogs, Retrieving Hunting Dogs and Followed Hunting Dogs


Dogs Hunting: Hunting dogs are divided into categories according to the specialties that the hunting dog will have to support and that over the centuries man has managed to select with the aim of obtaining the best hunting results. Mainly i hunting dogs are identified in some well-defined categories:

Hunting and pointing dogs - the hunting dogpointing dogs Hunting hunting dogs - hunting hunting dogshunting dogs Hunting dogs - the hound is a follow-up dogfollowed dogs
Den hunting dogsden dogs hunting track dog - the track dog

track dogs

Retriever hunting dogs - Retriever hunting dogs are good dogs for duck hunting

retriever dogs


I hunting dogs they are dogs from breeds selected over the years, to help humans in hunting. Over time, by refining their natural predispositions, dogs with specific characteristics have been selected for the different types of hunting conducted by man. In fact, hunting dogs are mainly divided into pointing dogs, hunting dogs, tracking dogs, den dogs, track dogs and retriever dogs.

• I pointing hunting dogs they are dogs whose breed, having smelled the smell of a prey, stopped a short distance from the game, pointing it (pointed dogs) and thus revealing the presence of the game to the hunter.
• I hunting hunting dogs they are dogs used for hunting where there is thick vegetation as these hunting dogs have the particularity of being tireless hunting dogs and skilfully flushing out the feathered game.
• I hunting dogs followed instead hunting dogs that have the particularity of following the wild. These dog breeds are mostly used for hunting hare and wild boar.
• I hunting dogs endowed with a strong sense of recovery of the killed animal are instead defined retriever hunting dogs and are used both for the recovery of game shot on land and for the recovery of aquatic animals fallen into the water.
• I hunting dogs with short limbs, often due to achondroplastic dwarfism, they are hunting dogs with the peculiarity of finding the prey inside the den and are defined den dogs.
• I blood hunting dogs instead they are hunting dogs whose breed has been selected to perceive the smell of the blood left on the ground by the injured animal and follow its track in order to allow easier recovery for the hunter.
I hunting dogs they have always been the best auxiliaries of the hunter and have a leading role during the hunting trip. Furthermore, the categories of hunting dogs can be viewed in the list drawn up byNational body of Italian dog lovers.

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