Night pearl seed series

Night pearl seed series

Night pearl seer series | Here we are on the Paganini stand and we are pleasantly attracted by the thermal viewers of the Night Pearl. The product we are going to observe is a thermal viewer of the Seer Clip-On series that features cutting-edge technologies ...

Konus Absolute 5-40 × 56 ED

Konus Absolute 5-40 × 56 ED

#konus #konusoptics #iwa2022 #cacciapassione | And continuing our exploration of the Nuremberg show, we arrived at the inevitable Konus stand, where we were welcomed by Stefano Alberti who presented us with one of their latest innovations, the Konus Absolute 5-40x56 ED...

IWA 2022 | Baschieri & Pellagri

#iwa2022 #baschieripellagri #cacciapassione | And walking inside the pavilions of the Nuremberg Motor Show we came to the stand of Baschieri & Pellagri, a historic Italian company producing cartridges and always looking forward to changes and new challenges. Here at IWA 2022...

Cosmi presents the new bolt action rifle

COSMI Kilometer - IWA 2022

#cosmi #cacciapassione #boltaction #iwa2022 | Cosmi, after the magnificent creations of the classic smoothbore semi-auto that created Cosmi's fame throughout the world and after adding the rifled barrel to this mechanism, the Casa delle Turrette of...

Franks Horizon Wood

Franks Horizon Wood

Franchi Horizon Wood is the perfect bolt action rifle for ball hunting, which while presenting a modern and dynamic look, maintains a link with tradition thanks to the walnut stock. Dedicated to the growing public of the ...

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