Hunting cartridges

Hunting cartridges and ammunitionThe hunters have a particular connection with the hunting cartridge. There are still many hunters I am with an extraordinary passion, they upload themselves hunting cartridges. But most of the Italian hunters instead, it turns to its own trusted armory or to the products of major brands. In this section of the site you will find the main hunting cartridges available on the market, with technical and functional data, provided by the manufacturers.  See all evidence

Bornaghi - Hunting cartridges

Bornaghi - Hunting cartridges

 Bornaghi - Super 34 Hunting CartridgesName: SUPER 34Caliber: 12Bossolo: 70 mm Primer: Wad: Lead charge (gr): 34Available bullets: 5/12Closure: Packing (pieces): 25/250 Royal 36Name: ROYAL 36Caliber: 12Bossolo: 70 mm : Wad: Piambo's charge (gr): 36 Available bullets: 8Closure: Packing (pieces): 25/250 Dispersant 34Name: DISPERSANTE 34Caliber: 12Bossolo: 70 mm Primer: Wad: Piambo's charge (gr): 34 Available bullets: 5/10 Packing (pieces): 25/250 Extra 35 Name: EXTRA 35 Caliber: 12 Box: 70 mm Priming: Wad: Piambo's charge (gr): 34 Available bullets: 5 / ...

Baschieri & Pellagri - Hunting cartridges

Baschieri & Pellagri - Hunting cartridges

Hunting cartridges - Baschieri & Pellagri High Pheasant Name: 3 High Pheasant n ° 6 Caliber: 12 Casing: 65 mm Priming: Wad: Plastic 18 Lead load (gr): 30 Bullets Available: 6 - 5 - 4 Closure: Packing (pieces): 25/500 Light load in case 12/65 gauge. Ideal for British type side-by-side shotguns or in any case with a 65 mm combustion chamber. The edging of the ...





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