Hunting Regulations

HUNT: The Italian hunting fauna plans

The national law 157/92 defines the planning intended for programmed hunting and for this reason sanctions both regional and provincial activities. These administrations are responsible for the wildlife and hunting planning with orientation function assigned to the National Institute of Wild Fauna (INFS ) ....

HUNT: Hunting in stalking

Among the permitted forms of hunting there is that of stalking which provides as a prerogative the possibility of building in a stable or temporary way a stakeout - which hunters know as a shed - where to wait for the arrival of the game. The legislation ...

HUNT: The Hunting Calendar

The Italian Regions in June of each have prepared the hunting calendar which is the administrative act by which the season in which hunting is to be governed on the regional territory.The Hunting Calendar contains provisions concerning: The days ...

HUNTING: Hunting means allowed

The law defines what are the means and tools with which to exercise the hunting activity: Shotgun with smooth bore (monocle, side-by-side, over-and-under) with a caliber not exceeding 12 and up to two shots. Shotgun with bore barrel ...

HUNTING: Regulations governing hunting

The exercise of the hunting activity according to the provisions of the national legislation 157/92 can be carried out following the achievement of the license for the port of shotgun for hunting use, a certificate that is obtained after having taken and passed the qualification exam. hunting ....

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