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Di Lucas Micallef bandiera inglese

In 1922 Stefano Marocchi founded the well known rifle and shotgun making business in Brescia. Marocchi as is still known today, proudly continued deriving from generations of the Marocchi family. While promoting the true Made in Italy branding, with success of the Model 99, Model 100 and Zero 3 competition over and unders, Marocchi came up with a different concept ensuring to continue deriving their best knowledge and experience for generations to come.

In 2016 after months of overviews and design consultations, Marocchi launched the new Zero 3 concept which is called EVO. The name itself derives from the term ‘EVOLUTION’, which significantly inspires the design of the modern technology in respect of performance and maintaining the traditional over and under craftsmanship idealogy. Starting from the barrel manufacturing proccess, Marocchi are proud to manufacture world class barrels, using smooth boring process. Using the best materials, supported by centuries of experience. Special selected barrel chambering dimensions ensure the best pattern performance a barrel can deliver.

To ensure the greatest accuracy and precision, Marocchi’s experts developed their own equipment to aid the extremly delicate operation required for the barrels setting, which is guaranteed hand-made by Marocchi’s specialists. EVO uses a billet steel monoblock to ensure maximum robustness of the steel material. EVO have two barrel soldering proccesses, first the monoblock is soldered to the barrels, then the rib is soldered to the respected barrels. The chambers have been angled to optimize stabilisation between the first and the second shot respectively.  The choke seating has been set to seat to the less best tolerance possibile, to obtain a high coupling precision, best performance outcomes by using world class Maxi90 chokes which are also manufactured by Marocchi.

Marocchi EvoThe trigger has three different setting position to suit the shooter accordingly. The extractors are developed in a manner to be easily removed mannualy, ensuring a practical cleaning system. The profile of the forearm has been lowered, thanks to the new monoblock design which gives an advantage to a better stable shot.

MAROCCHI EVOALIENThe EVO are available for trap and skeet disciplines. They come in various barrel lenghts in respect of their use. Also 29 ½ ‘’ fixed choke barrels are manufactured for trap disciplines.  High rib is available upon request, and also an adjustable stock can be ordered in respect of the customers configuration request. EVO can also be ordered with the ultra-modern state of the art ‘ALIEN-SPORT’ stock.  The block comes in black and white variants with red and blue detailing respectively.

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